Version 6.1: Release notes

Release notes MatrixFrame® version 6.1-SP3

Processed in version 6.1-SP3 (March 2024)


This service pack updates MatrixFrame, MxTools, and MxFloor, fixing issues and introducing features for better performance.


New Features and Improvements

  • Geometry and Load Position Checks: Implemented a check on geometry for loads with fixed positions near member intersections, advising the use of member intersection references for setting load positions.
  • Fire Exposure Reinforcement Handling: Addressed an issue with reinforcement exposed to fire when \(h_{red} < d\). Reinforcement is now considered according to NEN-EN 1992-1-2 #B.1.2.
  • Load Database Update: Updated the load's database to align imposed load categories of NEN8700 with NEN-EN 1991-1-1, ensuring previous project conversions retain the same categories.
  • Soil Pressure Report Images Configuration: Extended the capability to configure a set of soil pressure report images.
  • CSS Fonts in Reports: Introduced an option to disable CSS fonts override in report setup, ensuring consistent use of CSS-specified fonts.

Bug Fixes

  • FEM Package Decimal Presets: Resolved an issue where decimal presets for global fonts visibility options were inactive for forces, support reactions, and deflections. Adjustments now reflect in the visualized values.
  • AVB Sections Processing: Fixed the inability to process AVB sections using MatrixTools within MatrixFrame.
  • Command Line Advanced Analysis: Enhanced command line API for running advanced analyses with output options for nodal forces in JSON format.
  • Structural Member Influences: Corrected an issue where changes in releases and section support for one structural member affected reinforcements in others.
  • FEM Concrete Code Check: Fixed an incorrect application of \(A_{s,min}\) in tension reinforcement according to NEN-EN1992-1-1#
  • Tolerance in Calculations: Improved calculation accuracy for NEN-EN 1993-1-1+C2+A1#(NB.74) and NEN-EN 1993-1-1+C2+A1#(NB.75) with a tolerance of 1N for equality of calculated values.


  • Deq/deq Calculation Fix: Corrected the Deq/deq calculation in accordance with NEN-EN 1997-1+C1+A1:2016/NB:2019#


  • Shear Check bw Value Definition: Improved the definition of the \(b_w\) value for shear check according to NEN-EN 1992-1-1#6.2. The \(b_w\) value is now taken from the cross-section DB or used as the minimal width of the cross-section if not defined in DB.


Release notes MatrixFrame® version 6.1-SP2

Processed in version 6.1-SP2 (February 2024)

In this update, we have addressed and resolved multiple bugs to further enhance the stability and functionality of MatrixFloor.


Key Bug Fixes

1. Improved Project Conversion: Fixed an issue where projects from version 5.5 or 6.0 were not converted without the API module in the license. Conversion now occurs directly via the service.
2. Correction in Limit Deflection Value Calculation: Error in the display of user-defined limit value Wmax for deflection has been corrected.
3. Correction in Table Values for Loads: Fixed a display error in the summation of loads in tables. This involved incorrect total values for individual members, where now only relevant loads are shown.
4. Correction with Only One Reinforcement Bar: Fixed an error where the minimum distance between bars (Smin) was incorrectly checked when only one reinforcement bar (top or bottom) was provided. Now, only the covering requirements are checked, in accordance with #8.2.
5. Solution for Crash When Loading Properties in MxFrame FEM: A problem that caused a crash when loading project properties has been resolved.
6. Correction in Bar Placement for Additional Reinforcement: Fixed an error in the function for combining and splitting additional reinforcement, where the Mu line was incorrectly displayed.
7. Resolution of Shutdown When Opening Reinforcement Table: Fixed an issue where MatrixFloor unexpectedly shut down after clicking on the reinforcement in the 'reinforcement table'.


Release notes MatrixFrame® version 6.1-SP1

Processed in version 6.1-SP1 (January2024)

Introduction to MatrixFrame 6.1 SP1

In this update of MatrixFrame, we have focused on improving the software by addressing several critical bugs.
This has led to enhancements in functionality and user experience.


Key Bug Fixes

1. Image Sizes in Reports: The issue with varying image sizes in reports for 'Geometry' and 'Geometry + Steel' has been resolved. Images now consistently utilize the full page width.
2. Class 4 in Reports: A mistake where Class 3 was shown while the section was actually Class 4 has been corrected. Now, when Class 4 is detected with the application of Class 3 rules, it is clearly indicated in the report: "Class 4 / Class 3 rules applied".
3. MatrixFloor - Prestress with gaps: Problems with handling prestress in elements with gaps in MatrixFloor have been fixed, addressing inconsistencies in force distribution. Additional start and end values for prestress in gaps are now correctly applied.
4. FEM Results - Support Reactions: The issue where 'support reactions' were incorrectly displayed as "N/A [n/a]" in the FEM results tab has been resolved. The correct text is now appropriately displayed.
5. Full Screen Toggle Bug: The bug where pressing 'Esc' in MatrixFrame inadvertently toggled full-screen mode has been fixed.


Release notes MatrixFrame® version 6.1

Processed in versie 6.1 (December 2023)


Relationele objecten

Relational objects in MatrixFrame and MatrixFloor are elements that are interconnected, allowing changes in one object to be automatically applied to all related objects. This significantly enhances efficiency in your design process. For example, if you adjust a support point in a structure, all dependent elements like loads or beams will automatically be updated. This concept enables you to effectively manage and maintain complex relationships between different parts of a model. For more info, see Version 6.1: Hightlights | Matrix Knowledge Base (



The "Strut and Tie" module in MatrixTools offers a powerful tool for analyzing concrete structures in complex areas. It translates intricate stresses into a simplified truss model, utilizing struts (compression elements), ties (tension bars), and nodes. For more info, see Version 6.1: Hightlights | Matrix Knowledge Base (


MatrixFrame Reports

In MatrixFrame, you have the option to use custom Word templates for your reports. This offers flexibility in formatting and presenting your documents. By utilizing header shifting and other Word features, you can tailor the layout to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your reports are both professional and styled to your liking. This functionality supports the creation of clear, personalized reports that are both accurate and visually appealing


New and Improved Features

1. 64-bits Ondersteuning: Version 6.1 is now exclusively available in 64-bit. This ensures improved performance and enables users to handle larger and more complex Finite Element Models.
2. Automatic Copy: When opening a 5.5 project in version 6.1, an automatic copy of the file is created. The original file remains unchanged, while the copied file is converted to the new version..
3. Multicore Calculation for MxFloor: The new version utilizes multicore processing for MxFloor calculations, resulting in faster computation times.