About MatrixFrame®


MatrixFrame®, developed by Matrix Software, is structural analysis software for structural engineers for the design, dimensioning and code checking of concrete, steel and wood structures. Code checks are based on the Eurocode (EN). The National Application Documents (NAD) for the Netherlands (NEN-EN), Belgium (NBN-EN) and Germany (DIN-EN) are supported.


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MatrixFrame® has been developed to enable structural engineers to design better, faster and more pleasantly. Thanks to standard software with great flexibility and a high level of user-friendliness, you are able to provide an optimal structural design. Making decisions and considering alternatives, Matrix software makes it possible to satisfy your clients with sophisticated constructions that are technically justified at minimal design costs.


Where most systems are limited to the mere calculation of an entered construction, Matrix goes one step further. The software is characterized by a large degree of interactive design. The many optimization processes speed up the design. Matrix realizes a smooth interaction between software and structural engineer, so that a construction is dimensioned economically, technically and practically.


Matrix construction software has proven itself in practice. Thousands of engineers, working for contractors, architects and engineering firms, use Matrix software every day. By working closely with our customers, with the universities (TU Delft and TU Eindhoven) and with Technical schools, we have achieved nationally accepted software.


For educational institutions, philosophy and ease of use have been decisive for selecting MatrixFrame® for education. MatrixFrame® is "easy to learn and easy to use". But above all: pleasant and powerful to use.