Version 5.5: Highlights

What is new in version 5.5

Each new version of MatrixFrame® contains improvements and extensions to make designing constructions even faster, better and more enjoyable. The following topics are new in MatrixFrame® version 5.5:

  1. MatrixFloor®
  2. Link with Microsoft Excel
  3. Link with other applications (OpenAPI and MXML)
  4. Integrated beam grids and FEM plates
  5. Improved products table


MatrixFrame® has known the project type "1D beams" for a long time, also known as "Continuous beams". This option is a generic calculation program for beams that can be used for many purposes. Constructors in the precast concrete industry calculate many floor and beam systems every day. From the need to have fast and efficient calculation software for frequently occurring beam-shaped structures, Matrix Software has developed a special variant: MatrixFloor® .

MatrixFloor® is equipped with several new options for fast and efficient design. Firstly, all floors and beams within a structure can be entered within the same project file. This allows calculations and reporting for an entire structure to be managed within the same design calculation. In addition, MatrixFloor® has been provided with various new calculation options, such as calculation with prestressing, reinforcement design based on deflection, testing for fire resistance for floors, taking into account the radiation of reinforcement per layer.


A separate knowledge base is available for MatrixFloor®.

Link with Microsoft Excel

MatrixFrame® has a link with Microsoft Excel. The link is based on the OpenAPI, which is discussed further in the next topic. Users can design their own spreadsheet within Excel, which prepares the necessary input parameters for a MatrixFrame® calculation. As soon as the calculation button is pressed, the data is calculated in MatrixFrame® and the results are returned to Excel. The user can then decide for himself what is done with it within Excel. For example for a follow-up calculation, or for reporting, for example.

Link with other applications (OpenAPI and MXML)

MatrixFrame® has an OpenAPI. This provides access to the calculation processes of MatrixFrame®, without having to use the MatrixFrame® user interface. This offers the possibility to use the calculation processes within MatrixFrame® from other applications. In version 5.5 are available for the OpenAPI:

  • Input of geometry and loads.
  • Generation of loads, load cases and load combinations.
  • mechanics calculations.
  • Cross-section tests for steel and timber structures

In future versions or service packs, the functionality of the MatrixFrame® OpenAPI will be expanded step by step.

A second part of the open structure of MatrixFrame® is formed by the MXML data format. This is an XML-based format, with some specific Matrix functions. The MXML is part of the OpenAPI functionality, but can also be used separately for the input and output of MatrixFrame®.


For more information, see the knowledge base

Integrated beam grids and FEM plates

From version 5.5 it is possible to calculate FEM plates including integrated beam / beam-shaped construction parts. For this purpose, the functionality of the project types balcony gratings and FEM plates has been integrated with each other. It is possible to make beams an integrated part of the floors. It is also possible to include the beams in the calculation only as a support.

Improved products table

The Matrix Products Table (abbreviated: Matrix PT) is the library with all profile and material data. The Products table has been updated. It has now become easier to add your own profiles and materials to the library. In addition, it has become easier to manage static values ​​of profiles yourself. In previous versions, values ​​were calculated where possible. At the request of users, more options have now been introduced to manage profile data manually. Finally, the Products table is prepared to be able to store results from the MatrixTools® Cross-section module, so that this data can be applied within MatrixFrame®.