Copying editable MxFrame reports to custom reports

Please follow the instructions below:


1. Open the MsWord document into which the editable MxFrame report, or a portion of it, will be copied. Please take a look at the fonts used in the custom document and their sizes. In the provided example the body font is "Calibri" and the size is 10.


2. Open a MxFrame project and run the calculations. Then open the Report setup, create an editable report with the selected default style ("style.docx") and save it under a different name to a preferred location. Change the "Body Text", "Normal" and "Compact" styles to match the style used in the custom report (font: "Calibri", size: 10), and save the document. Then go back to MxFrame and select the new style document as the base style document for the project. This step only needs to be done once and can be never repeated again.


3. Generate a report using a recently added style and compare it to the custom report. If necessary, implement additional modifications to the report (for example, adjust your preferred image size and shift the headings to match the target report style). In the provided example, the image size is reduced using the "Max height" setting in the Report setup. The outline level of the headings can be shifted either using a setting "Edit headings shift" in the Report setup by entering a required heading level or using MsWord tools. Save changes to the same style document.


4. Copy the required tables from the MxFrame report to some chapter of the custom report. For each copied table additional numbered headers are generated. If the generated numbering is undesirable in the document, the style of the corresponding headings should be modified by setting the numbering to "None".

Update and personalize the table of contents. Please notice the number of levels in the table of contents: in the provided example, the number of displayed levels is set to 3 in order to exclude the appearance of copied table headings in the table of contents. Taking into account that after shifting the outline level of MxFrame report by 3 steps, the headings are set to level 4 - therefore, they will not appear in the table of contents with a limited number of levels.


The suggested workflow approach of copying MxFrame reports to custom reports is general and can be customized to suit individual requirements.