ReportSetup Toolbox


Version 5.5 and olderVersion 6.0 and newer
  • Toolbox report settings consist of grouped documents  (Timber, Concrete, Steel Joint Connections, etc.)
  • Layers: visualization of the images (layer visibility)
  • The contents of each Toolbox document in each group are displayed in general lists including available report types (compressed, detailed, selected, decisive, etc.), calculation results, drawings, diagrams and graphs


  • Motordrive settings are used to adjust image layers, view (projection), structure selection, image splittings, etc.
  • Toolbox report components: tables, images. For every single Toolbox document, all available tables and images are provided for selection to be included in the report


  • Report types (for Steel Joint Connections): full, intermediate, compressed


  • Image types (for Strut&Tie): full, base, additional


  • Sections (for Steel, Timber, Timber Beams): all, optimal, selection


  • Projection (for Strut&Tie): isometric, front/back view, left/right view, top/bottom view