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Versie 5.5 and olderVersie 6.0 and newer
  • Report items are displayed by groups according to the selected sorting method: filtered / not filtered (sort by LC), filtered / not filtered (sort by report type)
  • Groups of report elements may differ in the level of detail (compressed, detailed) and consist of appropriate result tables and images
  • Each item in the group could be selected from the “Available items” list to the “Selected items” list and displayed / printed separately
  • Report items are displayed by groups. Selected items are marked with a check mark
  • When report items are selected, the contents of each item (tables, images, detailed) are displayed on the right
  • Available components, extra images and camera pictures (viewpoints) are selected separately for each report item
  • Layers: visualization of the images (layer visibility)
  • Saving and customizing reports is carried out in the same way: the “Save” command allows you to save the selected report with the desired name, and the “Customize” command allows you to rename, delete, import / export previously saved reports. Saved reports appear in the “Saved Reports” list