ReportSetup Page


Version 5.5 and olderVersion 6.0 and newer
  • Different fonts can be selected for document title, table title, header and body
  • Possible format options: resize columns, new page after table, fields can grow, table borders, space between tables and table border thickness. Margin (top, bottom, left and right) setting
  • Available formats for editing: Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  • Page size: A1-A4.
  • Page layout: portrait and landscape
  • Table of contents
  • Personalized header, footer, foreword, cover and logo
  • Modifiable variables of general report title, left/right/center headers, pagination prefix
  • Custom fonts for headers and footers
  • Bookmarks are optionally available
  • Counting of pages can be continued for each print
  • Report language specifies a language to be used for the printout. The list of the available languages depends on the technical modules
  • Start page numbering is defined if a report is added into the existing report when the start number of the report should be different. By default page numbering starts from 1