MatrixFrame MXML protocol


MXML is an XML format for bi-directional data exchange with MatrixFrame, with options for activating specific calculation processes. It provides:

  • Data for the calculation model (input)
  • Instructions for which calculation processes must be activated
  • Data with the calculation results (output)

Examples + explanation

An MXML file can be created yourself by not saving a calculation model as a * .MXF but as a * .MXML file. This can be done via the "Save as" function. These MXML files generally contain more information than is strictly necessary to be able to perform a calculation via the API. That is why below are some example MXML files, where the most essential variables have been applied and where the explanation of these variables is included in the MXML file by means of comment lines (<! - remarks ->.

MatrixFrame 2D grillage:

MatrixFrame 2D/3D Frames:

  • 2D: To be added
  • 3D: To be added


  • To be added

Additional explanation

In the MXML comment lines, reference is made to the following chapters in this knowledge base for a number of topics: