Structure view

Structure view with concrete FEM is only available when the technical module "Concrete link FEM plate" (282) – is a part of the license. Requirements: concrete as the material and at least one persistent and/or accidental load combination should be defined.


Zoom window Zoom window:

Used to enlarge the Structure View. The size of the View can be from 10% to 500%. After selecting this button, point one of the corners of the new view and drag the mouse (while keep pressing the mouse button) to the second corner. After releasing the mouse button, MatrixFrame® will enlarge the new view. Location: Structure View


Fit to window Fit to window:

Fit structure view to graphical window. Used to scale the structure to the largest zoom %, so it will fit into the window. Zooming effect depends on the current size of the window. Location: Structure View


Dynamic view Dynamic view:

Display freely rotated structure view: keep the left mouse button pressed down and move the cursor on the screen. Location: Structure view / Solid view


View XY plane button Orthogonal view: view XY plane

Used to review custom rotated structure view. This view is performed by moving mouse or pressing Up/Down and left/right arrow keys. Location: Structure view / Solid view


Isometric view Isometric view:

Used to review isometric view of a structure


Isometric view of a structure

Location: Structure view / Solid view


Local directions Local directions: used to apply some polygonal zone with predefined local directions


Combined moments X Combined moments Y   Combined Moments (Mx+Mxy, My+Mxy)

Reinforcement moment for the benefit of the required reinforcement at the top/bottom side in the X' or Y' direction [kNm/m]


Reinforcement Reinforcement: used to apply multi-layer principal and/or secondary reinforcement on local direction zone(s) or the whole plate


 Required reinforcement As;req Bottom,X Required reinforcement As;req Bottom,X: at the bottom side in the X’-direction [mm2/m]


 Required reinforcement As;req Bottom,Y Required reinforcement As;req Bottom,Y: at the bottom side in the Y’-direction [mm2/m]


Required reinforcement As;req Top,X Required reinforcement As;req Top,X: at the top side in the X’-direction [mm2/m]


Required reinforcement As;req Top,Y Required reinforcement As;req Top,Y: at the top side in the Y’-direction [mm2/m]


As;req X   As;req X:

Required reinforcement in the local X’-direction [mm2/m]


As;req Y   As;req Y:

Required reinforcement iin the local Y’-direction [mm2/m]


Calculation of required reinforcement is based on direct M-N-Kappa calculation theory including nonlinear effects of reinforced concrete by acting axial force and bending moment


Reinforcement legend Reinforcement legend


Concrete shearcheck X Concrete shearcheck Y Concrete shearcheck uX Concrete shearcheck uY   Concrete shear check (X, Y, uX, uY)


Value range   Value Range:

Define value range of displayed results


Structure view purpose: to define polygonal zones with predefined local directions and reinforcement.


Reinforcement definition is only possible in case PC/AC load combinations are calculated and load combinations are set to "Envelope"