Project options

Project options are using to control the properties:

  • default project name and folder
  • layers
  • graphical window primitives, tables text and background color
  • choose Codes for design procedures
  • choose languages for program appearance

It is possible to reset options to default position. There is also an automatic saving system of projects settings for every new opened project integrated in MatrixFrame®.



A choice of codes which will be used in Loads, Steel, Concrete, Timber or Joint Connections calculations. The available items are dependent of the selected General code.

The selected Loads code presetting affects the Loads Combinations UI so far its functionality. For example, the general code setting "None" makes pre-set of Load Combinations grid table in to the ULS and SLS, used for teaching purposes.


Changing of code on the calculated project will remove the results of the calculation



A choice of language for program appearance.


DXF Settings:

DXF settings (see Default/Possible DXF settings) are used as default settings for MatrixFrame® project items import/export to the AutoCAD native DXF format.



A choice of reinforcement bars diameters which will be used by longitudinal or transversal reinforcement. Longitudinal reinforcement diameters can be filtered separately for columns and walls.

An estimation of pre-conditions for concrete FNL calculation. See also Default concrete settings.



For Easy to learn, easy to use.mxp and Professional.mxp templates the default project name is "Default.mxf". By default this project file has been saved to MatrixFrame® root folder.

Default project path can be changed during MatrixFrame® installation (by setting new folder for MatrixFrame® projects files, the path to new folder has been saved into MxFrame.ini file).

For Student.mxp template default project name is "Default.mxe".

Available possibilities:

  • by using the last saved path all MatrixFrame® projects would be saved to the last saved folder
  • by reloading the last project at startup the last opened project file would be loaded by default



There are 3 types of templates in MatrixFrame®: Easy to learn, easy to use.mxp, Student.mxp, Professional.mxp.

It is possible to choose one template during MatrixFrame® installation, it can be changed also if needed (except the "Student euroCADcrete" template) to another template after MatrixFrame® is installed. Each of the templates has own design, default values and possibilities.

  • If "Automatic layers" option is enabled only the default layers which depend on template are seen. The default layers can be changed using visibility options: turn on/off labels, change color, font, size or other values. The visibility options settings are dependent on the command you are using. Starting another command will restore the default settings.
  • If "Switch off layers automatically" option is enabled, the user defined and default settings are seen in Layers and Visibility Options parts.