1. Structure

1.3. Rigid Links

1.3.1 Distribute load for a member, that have rigid link, can be placed on whole (geometrical) member length. For all other kind of loads only placement on elastic part of member is valid.


2. Loads

2.3. Loads Definition

2.3.1. It is impossible to apply loads on Tension/ Compression only elements.

2.3.2. Loading in direction X" and Z" for Cables is not supported.

2.4. Imposed Load (support displacement)

2.4.1. This kind of loading is simulated like imposed deformation.

2.4.2. This kind of loading can be placed only in this direction(s), in which support(s) is not defined.

2.4.3. This kind of loading in fact simulating deformation of structure. This deformation left over in all follow load cases and related load combinations. Recommended is to define this kind of load in the last load case.


3. Calculation

3.1. GNL

3.1.1. Is not allowed to perform on the same time Tension/Compression only and GNL analysis if no Horizontal load is defined.

3.1.2. For GNL calculation combinations must be defined.


4. Steel

4.1. Steel Check

4.1.1. For steel checking loads combinations must be defined.

4.1.2. Integrated floor beams are not checked for acting of axial force or combination of axial force and bending. So when integrated beams is used not in proper way, like column or beam column program will be not able to produce check results.

4.1.3. Steel Section class of channel shapes always is equal to 3 (except if member is under tension, then class is equal to 1).


5. Concrete

5.1. Cross Check

5.1.1. Compressed reinforcement for plates temporary is not calculated. Proper height of plate, to avoid compressed reinforcement, must be chosen.  


6. General

6.1. Memory problems

6.1.1. If during calculations or starting MatrixFrame® appears System messages "Out of memory" or "Unable to load *.dll" please:

a) close all other applications;

b) enlarge free disk space;

c) increase swap file size.

6.2. Printing problem (for 95/98 Windows)

6.2.1. If the labels are not good oriented (shown) in printed pictures:

a) from menu File select command Print Report;

b) in Print Setup dialog press Properties button;

c) choose tab-sheet Fonts and check Print True Type as graphics