Member deflections results

The Member Deflections window shows the table with the member deflections.

Member deflections results


Member List of members. Description of the member (label and number)

L. case
L. comb

Load cases and/or load combinations of all members. Label of the load case / load combination. All results are shown from indicated load case / load combination
Field Part of a member. A field is limited by a support, transition of a cross-section, internal releases
Position Length of a field calculated from the beginning of the beam [m]
Field Begin/End Linear elastic deformation [m] at the begin/end of a field in the direction of X or Z axis
Z' dist. / Z' glb. dist. Position of a maximum deformation of the field [m]
Z' / Z' glb. Maximum deformation of the field [m]


For all members and Load Cases/Combinations the deflections are shown in Local Z’. Nodal displacements are shown in Global X and Global Z.