Support reactions results

For all loads cases and loads combinations, the support reactions of all supports are displayed. In addition, the sum of loads and the sum of reactions are shown so you can check if these values are equal:

Support reactions


Support Reactions are always displayed according to the Global axis system. Even if supports are applied  with an angle, the support reactions are global

The position of the support is calculated from the beginning of the beam [m]. Support condition in the direction of the Z, X and Yr (rotational) axes is defined as free, fixed or spring value [kN/m], [kNm/rad], Support reaction is defined in the direction of X, Z axes [kN] (for a negative value upwards, for a positive - downwards) and as My [kNm].

The Structure View shows the support reactions for the selected L.C.:

Support Reactions for selected LC


You can click with the mouse cursor in the Support Reactions window. Dependent on the position of the mouse cursor a single reaction or a group of reactions are red colored (by default).

Support reaction visualization including decisive combination visualization:

Support reaction visualization incl. decisive combination visualization