FAQ license activation

FAQ license activation

Malfunctions may occur during license activation. Below are the most common causes:

Firewall settings

The software lock license (activation code) makes a one-time connection via internet to the license software of Matrix Software. Port 5094 and URL: activation.matrix-software.nl will be used. TCP and UDP Ports for accessing server from client 5093 and 5099.

See section below for trouble shooting section. 

Time zone

Make sure that the date at your own location is the same as the date at which you applied for / received the license from the Netherlands. The time zone of the Matrix Software license server is in GMT+1.

New hardware

The software lock is encrypted with multiple unique numbers of hardware components of the computer or server. If one of the hardware components is changed, the license may no longer work. Then contact the Matrix Software Service Desk. Call +31 (0) 88 5678 123 or mail to matrixframe@matrix-software.nl

New operating system

If the operating system is reinstalled and the system is given the same computer name and the hardware has not been changed, you can use the original Authorization code again. If you install a newer operating system then the original Authorization code cannot be reused. If your original Authorization Code does not work, contact the Matrix Software Service Desk. Call +31 (0) 88 5678 123 or mail to matrixframe@matrix-software.nl

Move USB dongles

The license data of a hardware lock (USB dongle) is stored in the USB dongle itself. As soon as this dongle is connected to another computer or server, the license is available directly via the other computer. The license activation procedure does not have to be repeated for this.

Firewall settings trouble shooting

First of all, make sure you install all software as administrator. 


Firewall problems can be caused by PC Firewall but also from Network Firewall. To check the connection to Matrix license server, you can ping to: activation.matrix-software.nl (IP address =


Start a command line box using windows+R button or by clicking on the Windows start button and typ “cmd”.
Type: “ping” + enter




In case of valid reply results, activation should be possible. 

In case of non-valid ping results, modify PC and/or network firewall settings.


For network firewall settings: contact your system administrator.

For PC firewall settings, see next steps:

Firewall settings PC

Go to  “Firewall & network protection” and select “Advanced settings”:




Select “Outbound rules”:


Select “New Rule…”:


Add a new Rule that opens local port 5094. After this it should be possible to get access to the license server. To check this you can ping again according earlier procedure.