Loads and loads combinations

Loads definition


Uniform distributed load Distributed plane or line load

Distributed load Tapered plane or line load

Distributed area load Distributed area load

Nodal concentrated load Concentrated load

Support movement load Imposed deformation (support movement load)

Self weight load Self weight load

Temperature deflection load Temperature deflection load

Delete loads Delete existing loads


When combined with the following geometry design objects in Structure View, loads are applied as area, polyline or point:

Region object Create region (plane load on a defined area)

Polyline object Create polyline (line load)

Point object Create point (concentrated load)


Loading placed on some plate geometry design object(s) dedicated for loading like region, polyline, or point after the meshing process will strictly keep its placement in the boundary of these objects. This circumstance does influence to the meshing process. In case a lot of various placed loading objects on the plate are applied, this could significantly change meshing process with sudden increase of meshing elements. As a result could be sufficiently increased analysis calculation time.