Meshing method

Fine or Dense - The meshing algorithm follows a standard routine, in which the mesh is regenerated regularly and in which the number of intermediate elements is minimized as much as possible.

Sparse - The program minimized the number of elements and pays less attention to the maintenance of rectangular or nearly rectangular shapes of the elements in general. Two examples of the same domain with "Dense" and "Sparse" options are shown below.


Meshing method: dense                Meshing method: Fine               Meshing method: Sparse

  Dense                                             Fine                                               Sparse


The settings "Fine" and "Dense" provide the same result if there are no internal points or entities present in the model. If there are internal points or entities (succession) the setting "Fine" provides a denser mesh than the setting "Dense". We advise users to run a series of numerical experiments with additional geometry before deciding which of the three settings is the most suitable for the intended purpose.