Dividing method

Dividing method is based on approximate choice for the finite element side length.


Automatic Mesh element size is determined automatically, to get the best quality of the mesh
By means of distance Dividing of polyline contour segment in elements with a minimum element side dimension [mm]
By means of parts Dividing of polyline contour segment in at least an x-number of elements


The parameters that are mentioned can be changed automatically during the meshing process in order to realize meshing. For example, if the parameter is set "per distance" on 100 mm, but the length of the contour polyline segment is 50 mm, this parameter would be automatically set again on 50 mm or even less.
By using the Automatic dividing method, the mesh density factor choice is relevant. Mesh density factor choice can vary from 1 to 10. The mesh density parameter 1 is generating quality mesh with the less possible quantity of elements. By the increasing of dense parameter value, appears condensation of the finite elements, which is important by meshing of the thin walled profiles that can not be meshed using minimal value of the dense parameter.