Meshing and FEM calculation assumptions

Additional-advanced section properties and stresses are calculated by using FE method based on serendipity 2nd order element discretization.


In detail, Additional-advanced section properties calculation assumptions and theoretical implementation background is described in the literature:

  • Walter D. Pilkey. Analysis and design of elastic beams. Computational methods. John Willey. 2002
  • B.D. Mixon. The development of a finite element too for the calculation of beam cross section properties. The university of Texas. 2008


Detailed assumptions of stress analysis are described in:

  • A. Ribas. Finite element analysis of stresses in beam structures. Aalto university. 2011  


Additional section properties and stresses can be calculated only for the closed-continuous meshed flat area objects. These parameters can not be calculated for the discontinuous parts that do not touch each other or touch in one single point without having common contour segment.