Loads combinations generator

The combination generator composes user defined load cases according to the selected code (EN1990/EN1991) and generates the combination based on the given boundary conditions.


Loads combination generator


Loads combinations


Building type

Building type selection according to the EN1990/EN1991. Used for determination of  Ψ and load factors

Reference time

Suggested automatically using Building time selection.  Can be changed manually

Reliability class

Suggested automatically using Building time selection.  Can be changed manually

Load comb. rule

Selection of relevant article in the code to compose a certain set of combinations. It is determined automatically and can be modified manually


L.C.1, L.C.2, L.C.3, ... L.C.i


Load case


Dead load, Imposed load, Snow, Wind, etc.


Is the permanent load favorable (+) or unfavorable (-)


According to the EN1990/EN1991


Indicate on which level the load is acting


Indicate on which floor field the load is acting

Connected fields

Generative Connected fields descriptor ID appears by using of the loaded area fields. Connected fields descriptor ID number is facing the loaded fields, which are connected by using the common loading edge(s). Usually Connected fields descriptor is generated by presence of the 2D-Grillage and FEM project


Factor for defining the quasi-permanent load


Correction factor for quasi-permanent load


Probability factor. For general cases, Cprob is equal to 1.0 (which is equivalent to a mean reference period of 50 years)


Ψi  and  Ψk  values can both be influenced by selecting User Defined (floor/roof) under Load class