Loads combinations

Loads Combinations is a group of Load cases multiplied with a loads combination factor. There are several types of Loads Combinations available:

  • Persistent combination (Pe.C.)
  • Accidental combination (Ac.C.)
  • Characteristic (Ch.C.) - combination taking in to account primary inclination;
  • Quasi-permanent (Qu.C.) - combination taking in to account primary inclination;
  • Buckling combination (Bu.C);
  • Frequent combination (Fr.C.);
  • Mass (Ma.C.) - Combination of lumping masses for dynamic analysis.


At the bottom of the window you can select a tab with one of these types of Loads Combinations. In the first column you will see all entered Load cases (LC) In the second column the name of the load case will be shown. You can change or add the name in this field:

Loads combinations window


Also it is possible to rename a load case in the Loads window by using a context menu with a right mouse button:

Loads: rename load cases


When you add a number (factor) like 1.5 in the column "New", a new combination is created. The header of this column will consist of an abbreviation of a load combination name with a number. The combinations are numbered in ascending order starting from number 1:

Loads combinations: numbering


As soon as you have entered a Loads Combination factor, you will see the Load case in the Structure View. The representative loads will be multiplied with the Loads Combination factor.


If you want to delete a Loads Combination, click on the header of the column (for example: click on the text Pe.C.1) - the column is now selected:

Loads combinations: selecting and deleting


Press the DEL-button and the Loads Combination is deleted. If you have more Loads Combinations left, they will be renumbered so there will be no gaps in the L.C.-numbers. Multiple columns can be selected by dragging mouse pointer while selecting.