Strip data




  • Name: free description of the name of the strip.
  • Type: Choice between formslab floor, Hollow core etc..
  • Prestressing: Choice of whether or not to use prestressing steel. This choice is made by default for the type of floor slab.
  • System length: the length of the strip from center to center of support.
  • Extra: Extra length at the beginning and end of the strip, which extends beyond the center of the supports.
  • Comment: Free text field for making comments.


  • Building type: this setting applies to the entire project and can be set at Project Info in the main or shortcut menu.
  • Category: category of the separations to be applied.
  • Separations: choice for the separation load.
  • Distance: position of the separation load.
  • Permanent load: with a check mark on or off it is set whether the Self Weight should be calculated automatically. By default, the Self Weight is applied with a factor of 1.00. If desired, this can be deviated from by entering a different factor.
  • Group: group of floor finishes to be applied.
  • Type: choice for the floor finish.
  • Distance start and end: Start and end position of the floor finish. Default is 0 and L (system length)


  • Crack test: option to switch the crack test on or off.
  • Crack management in-situ layer: whether or not there is control of the crack width. For detailed information, see MatrixFrame Group Data.
  • Theta: angle of the pressure diagonal [degrees]


  • Construction: type of construction for which the deflection check must be performed.
  • Creep reduction factor: possibility to change the creep reduction factor.
  • Limit wMax: Requirement against which wMax must be checked.
  • Limit w2+w3:  Requirement  against which w2 and w3 must be checked.
  • Absolute limit: Possibility to enter an absolute limit for the w2+w3 value. The normative limit value is applied during the deflection check.
  • Sheer: possibility to apply a sheer value for the deflection check.


  • Top/bottom: option to choose whether the top and/or bottom should be checked for fire resistance.
  • Fire resistance time: required time for which the structure must have sufficient resistance to fire.