Joint connections definition

Used to choose a joint connection type for selected structure node. There are six cases of members connection defined:

Column - End plate  Column - End plate:

Column - End plate

Bolted - Splice  Bolted - Splice:

Bolted - Splice

Column - Base  Column - Base:

Column - Base

 Tube  Tube:


 Beam - Cross girder  Beam - Cross girder:

Beam - Cross girder

 Angular  Angular:



For connecting members are provided connecting sides dependent on local coordinate plane:

1. Left - Right:

Left - Right connection

2. Top - Bottom:

Top - Bottom connection

3. Front - Back:

Front - Back connection


Additional functionality:

  • the node can be determined as default connection type provided in the Joint Connection Type grid
  • if necessary the connection can be removed from the selected node - it will be not included in the design and calculation sessions