Non-structural elements

Non-structural elements Non-structural element table is intended to define standard or user defined non-structural elements with the properties suitable for the definition of the:

  • Area defined dead load [kN/m2]
  • Linear defined dead load [kN/m]. For definition of this type of load additional parameter of the element width [m] has to be defined
  • Nodal concentrated dead load [kN 1x]. Such type of load could be applied on the structural node only
  • Nodal concentrated dead load [kN 2x]. Such type of load could be applied on the two nodal structural elements only. By applying the load, applied value would be uniformly redistributed over two nodes of an element
  • Front, back and side values of the effective area Aeff [m2], could be defined for the nodal concentrated non-structural element only. Parameter of the effective area used for the generation of the wind load acting the non-structural element