Telecommunication check

Telecom design check should comply with the below maximum allowable design value of a structural node's vertical rotation angle, where the antenna structure is braced. The design value of the vertical rotation angle of a node should be calculated with the reference period of one year and be less than the following limit values:


  Maximum allowable vertical rotation angle
Antenna 1.0°
Microwave 0.7°


The telecom check is possible in case all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. Technical module No. 176 (Wind load 1D Elements) is enabled;
  2. Technical module No. 337 (Telecom. Check rotation) is enabled;
  3. Structure is designed using the structural steel material;
  4. Characteristic loads combination(s) are generated or/and defined manual way;
  5. Results are calculated.

The telecom design check is only performed on the structural nodes, where antenna structure(s) is braced. Such a braced structure is seen as the nodal concentrated loads defined or/and generated in the load definition part.