The Loading part is used to enter the design values of the forces acting on the joint connection according to the sign convention:

  • using MatrixFrame® for the 3D structures (3D-Frame), the 3D member forces for 3D object used in the joint connections calculations are:
MatrixFrame® 3D member forces for 3D object


  • using MatrixTools® for the 3D structures, the 3D forces as Mx, Mz, Vy are ignored in the Unity Check calculations (that's why these 3D-values are not listed in the interface of loadings):
MatrixTools® 3D forces


When the above actions have been performed, automatically is made the calculational analysis, the results of which are represented in the Unity Check table. 

Proposal is used for determining the optimal logical values of acting loads. Proposal offers the optimal allowed modification of the construction model by making any necessary changes to the entered data.