Beam-Cross girder connection types:

  • shear connection:
Shear connection


  • moment connection:
Moment connection


It is necessary to select one of the variants for the joint connection creation. The setting of parameters for each of the two structural elements (girder, beam) of the created connection:







Only I-shapes. List of available sections is dependent on commercial technical modules. Could be extended on request, or by updating a product table. It allows to select the shape and dimensions of the joint connection structure sections. The restrictions and the rules for the different sections are used for design reason



Steel material name is using for code check calculation and supported by EN 1993-1-1#Table 3.1 and related national annexes such as NEN-EN 1993-1-1#3.1. Items listed in a Material drop down list depend on chosen code or/and national annex


hld [mm] parameter:

hld < 0hld > 0hld = 0


hr [mm] parameter is disabled, because it is calculated with the formula hr = hld - (tf + r), where tf, r:


tf and r parameters


Definition of the Plate & Stiffeners and Bolts properties appears to be done only for the Universal, End plate or Welding Type. For the elements having other Type, Plate & Stiffeners and Bolts definition Tab controls are hidden.