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  • Project: general project data such as project name, project number, constructor, client, etc. Also settings for the building type and category..
  • Part: free coding (numbers / letters) of a building part (for example: part 1)
  • Strip
    • Strip: free coding (numbers / letters) of a floor strip. (for example: floor strip 1a)
    • Section: section profile data of the floor strip such as length, cross-section and material properties.. 
    • Phases: information about the different construction phases.
    • Openings: data about openings in the floor strip.
    • Boundary conditions: data about boundary conditions, such as supports and internal hinges.
    • Load calculations: spreadsheet for manual weight calculations and where the load generator result is shown.
    • Load cases: data on loads, grouped by load case
    • Load combinations: combinations of load cases to load combinations, grouped into ultimate limit state (ULS) and serviceability limit state (SLS) combinations
    • Status: data on the status and progress of the project.
  • Generate loads: Automatic generation of perm, variable and prestressing loads.
  • Generate load combinations: Automatic generation of load combinations in accordance with the set standard
  • Calculate: perform the mechanical analysis for the determination of the prestressing forces, bending moments, shear forces, normal forces and deformations.
  • Results: Numerical and graphical display of the calculation results.
  • Concrete: information about reinforcement and possibility of manipulation of the reinforcement.
  • Weight: BOM-list for reinforcement staal and concrete

Toolbar extra

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  • Edit
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Undo/redo
  • View
    • Window: turn on and off several window views
    • Layout: panes can be switched and placed at your own discretion. There are 2 standard window arrangements (layouts): vertical and horizontal.
  • User tables
  • Instellingen
    • General: code check settings
    • View: view settings for input and results
    • Users: user management
    • Reinforcement: data for reinforcement, pre-stressed reinforcement and girder reinforcement
    • Concrete: data and settings for concrete and reinforcement analysis
  • User profiles: view setting for monitor and for printers, including template management. 
  • Translator: option for authorised users only: management of languages for computer interface and for printed reports.
  • Autotester: option for authorised users only: testing and verification of inut and analysis results.
  • License info: data about software license.

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  • Project new
  • Project open
  • Project close
  • Project save
  • Project save as
  • Project info
  • Print preview
  • Print
  • Report settings

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  • Project new
  • Project open
  • Project save
  • Print preview
  • Print
  • Report settings
  • Project info
  • More commands: manage content quick menu.
  • Display quick menu above or below ribbon bar (default is above)
  • Minimize ribbon bar