Reports: pictures


Generated pictures can be included in the reports. Picture section contains the list of the available pictures. To preview the pictures use Reports: Pictures preview. To save the pictures or on the disk use Reports: pictures (save as) or Reports: pictures (save all).



  • picture borders
  • print picture name
  • single picture on the page
  • auto column count (pictures will be mixed with the numeric printout)
  • monochrome (pictures will be printed in a grayscale mode)
  • rotate picture (portrait/landscape)
  • use UI pictures' options


Available picture formats:

  • Bitmap files (.bmp)
  • Jpeg pictures (.jpg)
  • Windows metafiles (.wmf)
  • Smart (.bmp for export, .wmf in other cases)


Columns: number of picture copies (how many times the picture will be printed on a page).


Picture options: visualization of report pictures (font color, font size, line thickness etc.):

Reports: pictures (picture options)