Reports: motordrive


In the left part of Motordrive window all the available report pictures are listed. The pictures can be of several types (such as geometry, load, result, etc.). To start the Motordrive select the required pictures from the list and set Generate option to on. Only selected pictures will be generated. If the check mark Generate is on the pictures will be generated every time before loading reports or if structure is changed. Otherwise the pictures generated for the last time are displayed. After generating pictures new report items will be displayed in the tab Report Items (Motordrive group in the tree Available items).

Use Reports: motordrive (set defaults) to define picture options by default.


Picture options:

Members enabled if a selected picture belongs to the type Member View
Load combinations

disabled for geometry type pictures (enabled if a picture belongs to Load or Result type). The table contains all load combinations defined in the structure.

Use Reports: motodrive (select all loads combinations) and Reports: motodrive (unselect all loads combinations) to insert all pictures of load combinations type into a single file, otherwise the pictures will be placed in different files.

Envelope option is available for pictures of Force/Member View type.

Layers and Picture options visibility options